Keep In Mind: Ian Curtis (1956 - 1980)

Time flies but Ian Curtis will always be remembered for his genuineness,  brilliance , and the contribution to the great band Joy Division.

Joy Division, Unknown Pleasure, 1979 (full album)

Joy Division, Closer, 1980 (full album)

And before they were Joy Division…

Warsaw - “The Drawback”

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"It’s a Brutalizer"

Vince Clark on the Arturia MiniBrute courtesy of Arturiaweb on Youtube.

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Gotta have a little bit of everything

Gotta have a little bit of everything

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Martin Gore & Vince Clarke: SSSS (Interview on Dazed)

After more than thirty years since his departure from Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke has now started recording with Martin Gore again. Both musical ledgends, the pair are very much considered the fathers of British electronic music; Clark succeeded in his reincarnations with Yazoo and Erasure, while Gore started writing hits for Dave Gahan and managed to lead the band to the top. But this new release, out this week on Mute Records, has nothing to do with the classic sounds of ‘Just can´t get enough’. Now, with new 10 track album ‘Ssss’, they are flirting with the dark side of minimal techno. Composed virtually via hundreds of emails, we talk to the duo about the new release…

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BPC VIDEO PICK: David Gibson Explains The Concept of PreVerb

This is an except from David Gibson’s The Art of Mixing DVD Workshop.

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15 Indie Artist Revenue Opportunities For 2012

[BEST OF HYPEBOT] Indie artists are making money in all sorts of ways, often by combining a variety of small revenue streams and one-off deals into significant income. Here are 15 revenue streams or opportunities from my Hypebot posts of 2011. Like media appearances, no one will make you rich (or famous), but together they offer a range of options.

  1. Alternative Performance Venues
    ConcertsInYourHome ~
  2. New Retail Outlets
    Melodica Marketing
    ~ Offline Music Distribution Network
  3. Affiliate Programs
    Amazon Associates
    ~ iTunes Affiliate
  4. Unique & Interesting Band Merch
    ~ Dizzyjam vs. Bitvibe ~ Shirtify
  5. Ecommerce & Direct to Fan
    ~ CD Baby MusicStore ~ FanBridge on Facebook
  6. Find Unique Pairings
    Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box
  7. Music Licensing
    Vimeo x Audiosocket ~ Audiosocket MaaS: Storefront
  8. Mixes That Pay
    ~ Legitmix
  9. Digital Archives
    Fugazi & The Rolling Stones ~
  10. Live Streams
    ~ StageIt ~ StreamJam
  11. Sell Your Knowledge
    Ebooks ~ MuseSpring
  12. You Have to Give Before You Can Give Back
    Downtime Facebook App
    ~ Ramble At The Ryman
  13. Find Your Love
    Blood, Sweat + Vinyl
  14. Find Your Crowd
    Crowdfunding ~ Patronism ~ TuneRights
  15. Save Money
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Why Labels Should Use BandCamp

Every label should have a Bandcamp. It’s that simple. A record label is a business, and an important goal of any business is to make money. If an artist can crack the Billboard charts purely with Bandcamp – Zoë Keating, #7 Billboard classical chart, no iTunes, no label – a label with an aggregation of artists can do much more.

Bandcamp helps labels make money in three ways:

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Korg Monoton DUO & Delay (Review by Sonicstate)

The success of the original Korg Monotron -  the single voice analog synth in a kind of mini Stylophone format clearly spurred Korg on to expand the range. As we know Korg has been doing well with its continuing miniaturization program. I can visualize some kind of secret room where they keep  the shrinking ray gun to aim at various Korg products that are not yet small enough to be called mini, or micro or mono, or perhaps not…
The fact is that we now have the Monotron Duo - a two VCO mini synth, and the Monotron DELAY - a single VCO with built-in analog delay.

They still have the same form factor with the unplayable ribbon keyboard, but the DUO now has added keyboard quantize modes, via a red button on the back - cycling though chromatic, major scale, minor scale and free modes - a great improvement for playing anything meaningful.

This now features two VCO’s - these can be used in two modes, single VCO, where the second performs as an LFO for some high-speed XMOD (they say that this is akin to the MonoPoly XMOD, but I cant really hear it), and VCO 1+2 mode - this allows you to tune the second VCO to an interval,either above or below the VCO 1 pitch.
The DUO still has the same resonant MS20-styled filter (just the Low Pass part) which really does scream when the resonance is dialled in.

This is a bit different to the original Monotron, in that it features a single VCO, low pass filter with no resonance, an LFO with TRIANGLE and SQUARE waves and an analog style delay.
First up, the keyboard bears no relation to actual pitch, making actually playing it nigh on impossible. But when you bring the delay and modulation into play you start to see what its for - mad, sci-fi like effects, which it does extremely well.
The delay is really crusty, with a delay time of around 40ms to 750ms (I’m guessing) the feedback goes off into uncontrollable distorted regeneration without too much encouragement and really sounds cheap - I mean that in a good way.
The filter is applied post delay so everything gets treated. LFO wave shapes can also be tweaked with a small micro screw on the back of the unit to dial through SAW down, TRIANGLE and SAW up. Applying the saem to the SQUARE wave moves through full PW shapes.

Both Monotrons feature an AUX in which in the case of the DUO means you can filter external sources, and in the DELAY, apply the delay effect and the filter.

Patch And Stockings
I took the liberty of opening both of these up and Korg has helpfully provided labelled patch points on the circuit board, and no doubt will release the schematics to encourage some mods.
I imagine some bright spark will hook these up in a most ingenious way so that we can all benefit from if we care to break out the soldering iron. Would be nice to get CV and gate in and out for hooking up to a modular system though.

Bottom line, these are fun and will probably sell by the bucketload. They are affordable analog synths, I still find it astonishing that a manufacturer as big as Korg are actually making something like this.
True, they are built cheaply and not designed for life on the road or serious album work, but they are a lot of fun.

Monotron DUO and DELAY available now
£41.99 / $70 each

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